IMG_0328Hello, Devin here! I am a student at the University of Mount Union studying for a month in Chiang Mai, Thailand! I am an English major and writing minor with a passion for learning, the outdoors, and creative fun!

I decided it was time to explore the rest of the world when I realized i’ve wedged myself so deeply into my corner of the world, that we may need a crow bar to pry me out! After traversing nearly every hiking spot Ohio has to offer, I think it is time to trek through a new forest (or jungle, that is!)

Never having traveled to another country, it is hard for me to evenĀ Imagine what it is like to visit somewhere so different from home. I think this lack of imagination is a problem, and one I hope to remedy through diversifying my view of the world.

Join me on my journey to the Land of Smiles, where I will share what it is like to study Thai Buddhism, mingle with the Hill Tribe people, play with elephants, and taste the pescatarian Thai cuisine.

Happy Travels (: